18 agosto 2011

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) [3 Versiones - Vinyl Rips - FLAC]

Dark Side Of The Moon, nada que nadie no conozca, ni hace falta hacer una reseña. Simplemente les dejo estos 3 rips de vinilos en FLAC, con su correspondiento artwork e información, que los disfruten.

Pink Floyd son:
David Gilmour / guitars, vocals, VCS3
Nick Mason / drums, percussion, tape effects
Roger Waters / bass, vocals, VCS3, tape effects
Richard Wright / keyboards, vocals, VCS3


Dick Parry / saxophone (6-7)
Clare Torry / lead vocals (5)
Leslie Duncan / backing vocals
Lisa Strike / backing vocals
Barry St. John / backing vocals
Doris Troy / backing vocals 

  1. Speak To Me (1:16)        
  2. Breathe (2:44)        
  3. On The Run (3:32)        
  4. Time / Breathe (reprise) (7:06)        
  5. The Great Gig In The Sky (4:44)        
  6. Money (6:32)        
  7. Us And Them (7:40)        
  8. Any Colour You Like (3:25)        
  9. Brain Damage (3:50)        
  10. Eclipse (2:04)        

The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) [VINYL] {24-96} {MFSL 1-017}

Rip Info:
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-017
Half-Speed Mastered - Pressed in Japan by JVC
24-bit / 96kHz Vinyl Rip by Dr. Robert
March 2010

Nitty Gritty RCM 1.5
Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable with KAB Fluid Damping and KAB record grip
Ortofon 2M Black cartridge
Pro-Ject Tube Box SE II Preamp
Tascam US-144 external USB 2.0 Audiointerface
Bias Peak LE 6 recording software
iZotope RX Advanced 1.21 for Redbook conversion
xACT 1.71 for Redbook SBE correction

RCM>TT > Ortofon 2M Blk> Tube Box preamp> ADC> Mac Pro Dual Xeon> Peak LE @ 24/96 >
analyze (no clipping, no DC Bias offset, each side maximized to -0.3 dB) >
split into individual Tracks > Click Repair 3.02 used in Manual Mode, 30 Rev, Pitch Protection, X2 >
FLAC encoded Level 8 with XLD Version 20100302 (116.6)

All de-clicking software used in full manual mode to preserve musical transients.
No music was harmed in the making of this vinyl rip.

No silence been removed, please burn gapless to match original track layout.

The Dark Side Of The Moon (Vinyl LP 24-96 UK Remaster 30 Harvest SHVL 804 24Bit 96kHz)

Rip info:

Technical Notes:
*VPI TNT-V "Hot Rod" with VPI HRX Dual Motor, VPI HRX Platter (Motor spiked with Starsound Sistrum Brass Audiopoints into VPI MDF Platform)

*VPI Turntable Stand with VPI MDF Platform resting on three Symposium Rollerblocks Series 2+ ball bearing vibrational control devices. Symposium Ultra Shelf (constrained layer damping) used under the Rollerblocks and ontop of the VPI Turntable Stand.

*JWM 12.5 Unipivot Tonearm

*VPI Synchronous Drive System (VPI S.D.S.)

*Clearaudio "Accurate" Phono Cartridge
0.6mV Moving Coil (24k Gold internal wiring)
Stylus TRIGON II, diamond tip radius 5x40 µm
Cantilever Clearaudio-boron
Coil array Symmetrical to pivot point (Clearaudio-patent)
Compliance hor./vert. 15/15µ/mN
Recommended tracking force 2.2 grams (Individual)
Electrical Impedance 50 Ohms @ 1000hz
Channel separation >40dB
Channel balance Non measurable

*Harmonix Golden Performance HS101 RCA (0.75m) from table to Phono Stage
*Furutech Audio Reference III RCA cables from Phonostage to Analog-to-Digital converter

*Einstein "The Turntables Choice" single ended Phono Amp

ADC Converter:
*Custom Analog to Digital converter designed and built by yours truly. Solid State device with high quality, minimal hand selected parts and shortest signal paths.
*Recorded at 192kHz, 24bit --> downsampled to 96kHz, 24bit FLAC files through BIAS Peak Pro XT 6.

Record Preparation:
*All records cleaned & scrubbed on a VPI 16.5 Wet Vacuum record cleaning machine
*Record cleaning liquid is L'Art du Son

The Dark Side Of The Moon (Vinyl MFSL UHQR 24Bit 96kHz)

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